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Bilal-Roam Started on 5/7/2014. It started as a simple Freeroam server. But now, it is a good server. People are invited to our server, to join our family, and in one moment, we will be a big family. Bilal (Server Owner) has really worked alot to make this server, and we are looking for people, who want to join our server. We have a nice and well-mannered staff. We hope, that you will never see any complain from us.

The Owner (Bilal)'s Message:

I am a friendly man, you can't say that i'm a cruel person, who doesn't even listen to people. I listen to everyone, and I take my staff seriously, even they are my best friends. I recommend you all to join this server. In a moment, we will be a big family. Thanks.

Since our server is new, we cannot get high population, but our server is very good, having just 55 to 60 MB Download, which won't take more than 15 minutes. We respect you all, that you are visiting our site, Hope you will join our server and our family. May you stay blessed.

We have our Facebook page. Our server is hosted..
IP Adress: mtasa://